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Spring 2019

Specialty Bakery and Wedding Services 

Opening Info


Bompa's (pronounced "bum-pa's") Bakery is happy to announce the opening of it's storefront to be located at 285 S. Outer Drive.

 In beautiful Buena Vista Twp., Michigan.

Soft Opening

 Our Bakery is scheduled to do a soft opening in November 2018. The soft opening is to start taking orders for next year. So those planning weddings and celebrations in 2019 can attend tastings and/or utilize any of our many other services. 

Commercial Opening

By January Bompa's Bakery will start filling orders for Breads and our Signature Deli Sandwiches, to local markets.

At about this time we will also be able to fill orders for some local businesses and small catering orders for residents. 


Our Grand Opening is scheduled for March 2019. Why are we waiting that long? Because we want to have the time to restore the facility, get input from the community, and build the relationships to help us grow and spread our philosophy that

"Community Is Family"

This Grand opening is when orders and pickups by Phone, App, Fax, and Computer will be in full swing.

Final Opening Note

The "What makes us different?" question is answered below in the Services section. Cakes, Donuts, Breads, Pies, Muffins, and Cupcakes.... Then add Deli Sandwiches, Soups and Salads.... Then add Wedding Planning, Minister Services, and Photographers...

Then add the goal of a Beautiful Garden behind the Bakery for Services and Ceremonies....

Also you will read below of our unique idea to provide fresh bread, sandwiches and lunches to shelters and others in need..... So Please read on!



What to expect from us

Bompa's Bakery is much more than a donut shop.  We believe that the community is family. As a service business in Buena Vista, we will meet a large slice of the Township. That means we have the chance to touch a great number of lives. If it is giving someone a needed smile or a needed meal. We take it seriously.

Cakes, Donuts, Breads, Pies, Muffins, and Cupcakes.... This list covers most of the regular bakery duties. And we expect to keep these in the oven daily. But we are an old style bakery with a Wedding Specialty. Old style means the freshest and most authentic ingredients to ensure the highest quality. It also means we make our  fillings, frostings and icings from scratch. 

Deli Sandwiches, Soups.... We are proud to present our Soups and Sandwiches. Always fresh. Always quality ingredients. Every Bun, Roll and slice of Bread baked the morning the sandwich is made. Fresh Bread Bowls to hold our homemade soups.

Wedding Planning, Minister Services, and Photographers...  Just a few details (like a venue or DJ) or designing the entire wedding, we want to be there for you. 

Our Chief Baker is also a Minister and provides life counselling, Wedding services, Baptism, Blessings, and when a member of our "family" needs , Furneral Services.

We have a Photographer on staff, but can also find others as part of our Planning services.

Garden... Our goal is to have a beautiful Garden behind the Bakery for Services and Ceremonies.

Feeding those in need... We have a unique idea to help our "Family" throughout the Buena Vista Twp. and Saginaw County area. With the regular expiration dates on our packaging, we will carry a transfer date. A date that tells us to pull breads and sandwiches off shelves early and bring them to shelters and homes of those in need of a little family love. This way the item will still be fresh and able to be enjoyed as it should be. An example would be a Grilled Chicken sandwich which has a 7 day refrigerated shelf life at your local market, waiting for you to buy it. But our product has a second date which tells us to take this sandwich on day 3. When we take this sandwich and restock your store with fresh replacements, we take it to that day's designated shelter for immediate use.

Yes this gives us a need to sell more than our competitors to break even let alone make a profit. But profit is not the love we work for. We work for our Community. Because Community is Family.

Keep up with our Progress

We will keep updating our web page as often as possible. Including photo updates of our restoration progress. But if you want more updates just let us know in the comment section and we will send you weekly updates. 

About Us



 We work with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. 

Handcrafted Goods


  Our bakers start work before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. The warm smell of baking often escapes onto the street before we've even opened. 

Order pickup


Order online from anywhere and pick up at the bakery. From donuts and coffee to our signature sandwiches, we have everything you need to start your day right!

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Call or send us a message to let us know your needs. 

Bompa's Bakery and Wedding Services

285 S. Outer Dr. Buena Vista, MI 48601




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6:00 am – 4:00 pm


6:00 am – 4:00 pm


6:00 am – 4:00 pm


6:00 am – 4:00 pm


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By Appointment


Monday - Friday: 10am - 2pm

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